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Nightshift shawl by Andrea Mowry

This is a favourite project from August 2019, the "Nightshift" shawl from designer Andrea Mowry (Drea Renee Knits). I knitted this shawl in a little over two weeks before gifting it to my lovely mother in law for her 70th birthday. Every stitch was a pleasure, and I looked forward to any opportunity to get a few more rows done.

The mosaic knitting and colour changes in the shawl made it addictive. I followed the colour progression per the pattern (vs the option of using the "recipe") and I'm really pleased with how the yarns worked together. The semi-solid colours gave a nice variation and depth to the final product.

An i-cord border gives a clean finish.

The 8 ply yarns used are Shale, Silver Grey, Deep Gold, Palest Grey, Honeycomb and Lemon Cloud. Some of these yarns have already been made available in the shop. The others will be listed soon, along with sets of the 6 colours.

I used 100g cakes of each of the yarns, and was left with 29g Shale, 34g Silver Grey, 51g Deep Gold, 30g Palest Grey, 42g Honeycomb and 25g Lemon Cloud.

I'll be making this shawl again. The pattern can be found at:

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